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Schools  Jinaka Canoe Guides organise and support school journeys and expeditions in the UK and Europe (Sweden) exploring by canoe using varying levels of bushcraft and survival skills. Overall staff/student ratios are typically 1:4. Staff training sessions are provided to ensure that a proportion of staff have the canoeing skills necessary. Since 2010, an increasing number of students and staff (20 & 6 in 2010, 35 & 10 in 2011, 45 & 12 in 2012, 53 & 12 in 2013, 46 & 11 in 2014, with two 30 & 8 trips planned for 2015) have explored part of a semi-wilderness lake system in Sweden, travelling in all about 40 miles. The area is perfect for learning and practicing bushcraft skills, and understanding and appreciating the need to care for the environment by having minimal impact.

If your school or college wants to do something like this, please contact us. A typical programme for a school in its academic year would be:

1st Term 1st session to introduce what an expedition in a semi wilderness area involves.
A series of sessions covering safety, camp hygiene, first aid, fire lighting, menu choice and planning, navigation, use of cutting tools, choice of tent, bivvi, hammock, knots, etc.
A planning session covering the logistics for an introductory field weekend (2-3 days)
1st field weekend (2-3 days) covering the basic skills required to travel in a semi wilderness area
Continue with series of training sessions and planning for 2nd field weekend
2nd Term Continue with series of training sessions and planning for 2nd field weekend
2nd field weekend (2-3 days) reinforcing the skills already covered
3rd Term 2nd field weekend (2-3 days) reinforcing the skills already covered
Continue with series of training sessions and planning for the expedition
7-14 day expedition in semi wilderness area

Journeying Jinaka Canoe Guides organise journeys and expeditions in the UK and Europe for people of varying ages and abilities. Whether its a journey or an expedition, we make every effort to keep that sense of adventure and discovery. Jinaka Canoe Guides have in-depth experience of journeying in canoes and can offer a varied and interesting range of journeys from a 1 day adventure to multi-day journeys or expeditions. Jinaka Canoe Guides have an AALA Licence.

Lake Journeys in Sweden/Norway, English Lake District Weekends, River Descents on the Severn and Wye.

If you join one of our trips, you will find out the answers to many of the questions listed below and, as always, Comfort is at the top of our list.

Route Planning Priorities- How far do you want to travel? Is distance more important than what you see?
Logistics Getting to your start and end points. How many people/canoes?
Equipment Hire or take? What's personal and what can you share safely?
Paddling Skills Level of ability? Can you assist people with little ability safely, or teach them? Are you tolerant of those with different skills?
Navigation Are maps/route cards published? Does someone have local knowledge, and can you trust them?
Food Where will you buy it? How much? Will everyone enjoy eating it? Will you support the local economy?
Rescue Do you have a contingency plan and emergency contact information?
First Aid What sort of first aid skills do you think you might need? Is your first aid kit appropriate, too big or small?
Camp Craft What will you do if you have lost your pegs? Do you need to take a tent?
Cooking Try your hand at making 3 course meals with both vegetarian and carnivore options on a wood fire.
Hygiene See how easy it is to avoid the consequences of bad hygiene.
Boat packing How to pack your equipment and food in your canoe safely?
Improvised sailing Why paddle when you can put your feet up and sail?
Judging the Weather Stay or go? Patience and making the best use of the weather.
Making Fire Discover ways to create fire.
Food for Free See what you can find to eat.

If you'd enjoy finding out the answers to some of these questions, enquire with us for a journey.

Expeditions Jinaka Canoe Guides are particularly interested in providing and supporting groups that want to experience the adventure of an expedition and can organise expeditions and provide support at various levels for recognised organisations. Exactly what makes an expedition is difficult to say and, historically, it has been the first crossing of a lake or descent of a river, but those are now very rare and hard to find. More realistically, it can simply be a journey into the unknown and dealing with what you discover personally. Whatever it may be, it needs to be exciting, and that means different things to different people.  If you are interested in an expedition, please enquire.


Jinaka Canoe Guides are planning trips on various European rivers such as the Dordoyne, Mosel, Loire, Rhine and Danube, all of which offer reasonably long journeys with lots to see and explore. If you are interested in an expedition, please enquire.

To make an enquiry or to book, please send us a message and we will reply to you.
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