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Paul and Jim treated themselves to another classic Bill Mason trip to this famous river in Ontario linking Lake Nipissing with Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. We were outfitted by The Lodge at Pine Cove which is a great place to stay with real style and a very amenable host Alex Strachan. Here are some photos of our adventure. Starting at one of the lodges near Wolsey Bay. As it was late in the season, the water levels were low.

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We started by going down river towards Blue chute.

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There were other popular places on the lakeside.

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Five finger Rapids were not really runnable except for a few bits to play on.

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If you go further upstream, you will eventually get to Lake Nipissing.

Above Five Finger.JPG (101k bytes)

and then we returned to Toronto and had a stroll down Yonge street.

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