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Places we have been to; those with hyperlinks have been written up- yes, we do have a bit of catching up to do!

And many thanks to all of you who have let us use your pictures.

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Lakes - Windermere, Coniston, Derwentwater Madawaska 11
Rivers - Lune, Ure, North Tyne, South Tyne Ardeche, Allier 09, Allier 16 Petawawa 11
Canals - Leeds - Liverpool, Lancaster - Kendal French River 11



Canoe Museum 11
Loch Etive, Loch Awe, Assynt, Loch Ken Dalsland Intro Video, Aug 05  May 06  June 07  May 08  Aug 08 Missinaibi 19
Rivers - Spey, Tay, Tweed
Canals - Caledonian Sea Kayak lake trip



Rivers -  Wye, Severn 08 Nordmarken Lakes


Liffey Descent

Windermere - We have been here many times.

Tea o'clock.


Coniston  &  Derwentwater (being edited)

Lune - Devil's Bridge is one of our most popular venues for a day's canoeing. Easy to get to, free parking and, most of the time, offers both sheltered and moving water for beginner's and those with some skills. Sometimes, in wet weather, the river conditions are unsuitable for beginners, but may be good for advanced paddlers. In particular, Devil's Bridge offers a good introduction to moving water- ferry gliding, breaking in and out, and saftey practice.

Group on Fun day at Kirkby Lonsdale- learning basic skills  Learning to Canoe at Kirkby Lonsdale


Ure - Access on the Ure is difficult. The Mickley to SleningFord section is a good paddle with bits to play on and Hack Falls (grade 3) to test your skills. You can camp at Sleningford Mill and use the 500 m or so of Grade 3 for practice.

Hack Falls- below Masham - grade 3. Boulders to avoid just before end and bouncy haystacks in high water. Mickley Weir- using slot on river left River Ure, West Tanfield, 1 mile above Sleningford Mill- good put in for intro before Slenningford. Beware nasty weir 500m


North Tyne - A good river trip, mostly grade 2 except for Warden's Gorge (grade 3). A good time to do it is on the Tyne Tour organised in early november by Hexham Canoe Club. You can start just below the Kielder dam and do the river in bits from there to Hexham.

November 03

Fish ladder at Chollerford. Airated water reduces bouyancy. Surfing a play wave- good for beginners. Top of Warden's Gorge. Grade 3. Drop in to this slot from river right and then turn sharp right. 

November 04

Lunch stop on upper section of North Tyne, below Barrasford. Grade 3 at Haughton Castle, Barrasford. Sharp boulders to avoid. Alternative route river right. Starting Grade 3 at Haughton Castle, Barrasford. Sharp boulders to avoid.

Ouch- Grade 3 at Haughton Castle. A kayaking group. Bottom of Warden's Gorge. Large bouncy waves with holes. Bottom of Warden's Gorge. Large bouncy wave about to get someone. Bottom of Warden's Gorge.Riding bouncy waves succesfully. Bottom of Warden's Gorge.Riding bouncy waves succesfully. Bottom of Warden's Gorge. Nice surf wave. Bottom of Warden's Gorge. Nice surf wave. Setting off on last section from bottom of Warden's Gorge to Hexham.

South Tyne - Haydon Bridge to Hexham - A nice easy grade 2 paddle with easy eddies in medium flow. Can be a bit thin. Really nice in autmn when you can enjoy the colours.

Rather low water on South Tyne below Haydon Bridge. Gentle paddling on South Tyne below Haydon Bridge. Autumn colours South Tyne below Haydon Bridge. Autumn colours reflected - South Tyne below Haydon Bridge. Autumn colours South Tyne below Haydon Bridge.

Leeds Liverpool Canal - There are some good long stretches without locks that are good for a day out. One which we use is the Bank Newton to West Marton section. This winds about and gives good practice for dealing with the wind.

Lancaster Kendal Canal - Nice isolated sections of canal due to the M6 motorway chopping it up so there is no through traffic for narrow boats. Start at Crooklands and go either north or south. Lots of fish.

Loch Etive - A sea loch on the south side of Loch Linnhe. It has the most spectacular outlet to the sea at Connel Bridge which is awesome on spring tides. The further reaches of the loch are fairly isolated with places to hide a camp.

Loch Awe

Assynt - Stunning scenery with mountains more or less starting straight from sea level. Interesting trips if you are prepared to portage your canoes more than a 100m or so. Elphin - Loch Veyatie - Suilven -  Loch a' Guille - Loch Sionascaig - Stac Pollaidh - Loch Uidh Tarraigean - Loch na Dail. Also good day trip on south side of Stac Pollaidh: Loch Bad a' Ghaill - Loch Osgaig - Loch Lurgainn. Good campsite at the Brae of Achnahaird.

The put in near Elphin, Assynt. Portage required for this! Top of Loch Veyatie. Picnic stop on Loch Veyatie.Suilven behind Loch Veyatie. Uidh Fhearna. Flowing between lochs Last of the Portage. Loch Sionascaig. Cracking morning. Stac Pollaidh over Loch Sionascaig. Portage up from Loch Sionascaig  and down to Loch Uidh Tarraigean.  Loch Uidh Tarraigean.Looking back at portage on Loch Uidh Tarraigean. All sorts of craft. Loch Osgaig. Loch Lurgainn with Stac Pollaidh as backdrop. Just a good place to park. Loch Lurgainn.


Spey - A classic scottish river. You can paddle from Laggan to the sea at Spey Bay Good camp site by the river at Newton More. Varied grade 2 to 3. Give yourself some time and don't rush it and don't right off the Laggan to Newton More stretch. We had a great time.

Basic safety skills at Spey Bridge, Newton More. Getting the feel of it at Spey Bridge, Newton More. Learning to break out - canoeing skills above Spey Bridge, Newton More.A Spey delight. Not often seen below Laggan. Finding  a way through the trees below Laggan. The upper Spey below Laggan. Rafting up for cake - River Spey above Aviemore. Rafting up - kayaks on top- for cake - River Spey above Aviemore. Gentle flows- River Spey below Aviemore. Get out at Boat of Garten, River Spey. Nice grade 2 for ferry gliding and surfing below Ballindalloch- River Spey. Nice grade 2 for ferry gliding and surfing below Ballindalloch- River Spey. The upper Spey below Laggan. Lunch stop - The upper Spey below Laggan. Rafting up and sailing, kayaks on top- The upper Spey below Laggan.

Tay - We have only done a little bit starting at Loch Tay looking at the Crannog

Crannog at eastern end of Loch Tay River Tay - Good bits even in low water. River Tay - Low water better for solo, but still OK for doubles.




Caledonian Canal - A good mix of canal and lochs in lovely surroundings. Expect interesting conditions on the lochs and be prepared to go for a walk as the waves can get pretty big with the wind tunnel effect of the Great Glen..


Wales - River Wye - Nice Grade 2/3 water from Rhayader to Builth Wells.


Ireland - Liffey Descent - Nearly a 1000 entries, 17 miles and 9 weirs plus more. A great weekend on an exciting river with a variety of weirs to challenge you. You can either race in classes or take it a bit easier.Whatever you do, you will still have to meet the time deadlines.

The first Weir- Straffan. Chicken run on river left. Start of 'Jungle': 5 miles of winding river in trees. Just before the lake. Lucan Weir. Lucan Weir- alternative way. The finish.

France - Ardeche - One of the lovely rivers running in a gorge off the Massif Central. You can use your own boat, or hire one with shuttle included. Stunning scenery and water you want to jump into. Goodcamping at Camp des Gorges below Pont d'Arc.


Swedish tourist board trip - an introduction from an English angle to Swedes on Swedish Lakes! Sweden - Have a look at a map of southern Sweden. It's half water! Relaxing, uncrowded, unspoilt, some semi-wilderness. Dalsland Lakes - just too many pictures - here are a few taken when we were invited by the Swedish Tourist Board to see what their lakes were like. We used sea kayaks on that occasion and they were nice and comfortable.

Hugging the shore - lots to see. Comfortable kayaks. Vistas Keeping together, but apart. Taking in the view. Nightfall approaching Early morning mist again. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your back. Paddling ' til sunset. Canodal's range of sea kayaks. Cutting through the glass. The guys.

Kayak trip. 3 day recce trip from Nossemark to Lennartsfors.

 Early morning paddle in the mist. Sun slowly rises and burns off mist. Yes they are big enought to eat. Nossemark - about to set off. Nossemark - a light breeze. Off to Lennartsfors. Brew stop. Kayaks are nice and comfortable. That sunrise again. Norwegian Swedish border marker. Just lovely to look at in the early morning.   Wood ant hill. Winding throught the islands - Hulson, Tullon -entrance to Foxon. 30+ k north of Dals-Ed. Foxon opens up. Why paddle when the wind is with you. Mirror spinaker. Rafted up, relaxing. Family pizza at Ed.

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