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May 2008 - A group of 8 ladies joined us for a journey down the River Severn at the beginning of May. The weather was variable with some rain and the water levels meant the flow averaged 2-3 miles per hour. We explored the river from Pool Quay to Shrewsbury.

Early morning mist being burnt off

Severn10 Severn17 Severn13

Ready for the off.

Severn34 Severn35 Severn51

Severn26 Severn27 Severn31

Tea o'clock already

Severn21 Severn22 Severn23

Severn20 Severn29 Severn30

Severn32 Severn33 Severn36

Severn37 Severn38 Severn39

Severn40 Severn41 Severn50

Severn42 Severn48 Severn52

Jinaka's multi-purpose trailer, not only for carrying canoes, but serves as a cooking range and shelter.

Severn1 Severn2 Severn4

Erecting one of the tents:

Severn7 Severn5 Severn44

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