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May 05 - Sweden/Norway trip- into Nordmarken Recce trip set ting off from Nossemark up Stora Le into Norway, turned left up to Otteid and portaged through a couple of small lakes into ----------- and then went south back to --------------------.

No smoke without fire - kettle is always at the ready.  Only the canoes give away our camp. Setting off after our first camp, going north. Stora Le. Sweden Lunch stop near the Osprey nesting Island. Brew up in 5 mins from landing. Finding the way through the reeds- Otteid, Norway Beaver marks on birch trees. Norway. Gull nest on mooring pile - Norway. Time to rest. Norwegian hut only reached by water. Zzzzzds again! Sunset in the tree tops. Fish to catch. Tresticklen National Park - Norwegian/Swedish Border. Quick brew with Kelly Kettle and a few twigs. Preparation and cooking of evening meal - starter, main courses and pudding -  vegetarian and carnivore options. Passing the ferry north of Nossemark. Sweden. Lining through the lock at ------ in Norway. Lining canoe down over the lock gates. General view of tarp shelter camp. Another view of tarp camp. Plenty of wood to use. Zzzzzzds yet again. Room with a view. Just a picci. Keep the fire at mark 5 - Chef says. Leave no trace camping.  We were never there. Marsh Marigold. No need for tent pegs. Admire the view. Another camp site. Now you don't see us. A well stirred Wok in service. Dutch oven in the embers - yummy bread.  Setting off again. Bark beetle art. Furustad, camp site, Stora Le. Bistort or what? Furustad log cabin, Stora Le. Birdseye Primrose? Violet. Wood Cranesbill. Ladies Mantle. Butterwort - carnivorous plant. New fir growth. Canoes, canoes, canoes ..... 120+,Canodal. A nice clutch of Snipe? eggs, Canodal, Dals Ed, Sweden.

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