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June 2007 - A group of six did the 6 day tour at the beginning of June. Rosie, Kevin, Diane, John, Alison and Bob came with a mixture of sailing, sea kayaking and canoeing experience. We were blessed with lovely weather and meandered in a relaxed fashion around the lakes taking in the gorgeous scenery.

Relaxing with a beer and a book Making use of the wind Bob's kitchen Red Campion? Kevin keep away- It's Wild Garlic Room with a view Unspoilt forest Tomorrow's plan Furistad Dano Hut Happy girls Clear water Solo practice No wind makes it easier Getting the hang of the Volcano Chef du Bois- Paul Hugging the shore Firebox on a Dano fire baseAnother sunset That lone paddler Preparing dinner with beer o'clock Fisherman LOVE canoeists... its all lies. Colours change by the second Doubles beer o'clock You see more if you stay close to the shore An inlet waterfall Kevin doing all the work Alison, Kevin and Rosie- Rafted up again Lunch o'clock and a quick brew Group photo under tarp We're never in a hurry Been doing this for aaaaages Treat o'clock See how small an island you can get on Oops, nearly in. Where's the canoe?Billy no mates Paddling in empty canoes Guides leave us to itNot much room with all the food Choosing a paddle After you We'll have to cut down on the food! Lots of interest- Jim has a plan. After the plan- a 50m portage- and a lot of bich pollen Work- what's that? Beer o'clock Kevin

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