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August 05 - Ten Ladies connected through the health service take a 6 day tour. We had met most of them before on Coniston Water so they would have a good idea of what a canoe journey would be like.

Our 10 Ladies arrive at City Airport, Goteborg. Kitting up with paddles and bouyancy aids. 12 seater canoe - great for speed and instant achievement.    Relaxing in a crazy creek in the sun. Taking in the morning sun and view. Evidence of an old planking mill, Stora Le. Canoes in a mirror. Paddling under cumulus. Ambushed by face painted injuns!. Twin fireboxes flame away. Rafted up, going with the wind. Unspoilt forest. Exploring inlets. A Beaver Lodge. relaxed paddling. Lunch in the reeds. Lunchtime view.  Guides gunnel bobbing. Time to try solo paddling. Group photo before meeting our shuttle. Arboreal Forest Three women and a boat? Guides now bow paddling. Getting the hang of steering. Relaxed enough to forget the canoe. Off on a treasure hunt. Full speed ahead. Chaining all the equipment to the shuttle. Canodal canoes ashore.  Relax o'clock - Peace with a book.  

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