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Read on or just send us a message. Our day sessions start from 65-00 per person. All the prices are in GB Pound Sterling and say "From ....", the reason being that individuals and groups have different needs which we make every effort to meet.


Description and Venue Deposit Total Price
Swedish  Lakes Journeys - tailor made to customers requirements. 200-00 pp   From 1175-00 pp
1 days canoeing on a Canal for 8 people 120-00 From 360-00
An evening trip on a Canal for 8 people 120-00 From 160-00
1 days canoeing at Kirkby Lonsdale for 8 people 120-00 From 400-00
1 days canoeing on Lake Windermere for 8 people 120-00 From 440-00
1 days canoeing on Coniston Water for 8 people 120-00 From 440-00
1 days canoeing on Derwentwater for 8 people 120-00 From 480-00
1 days canoeing for 8 people at another location - Please ask us - send us a message 120-00 Price on application
Weekend in Lake District - e.g. Friday Evening to Sunday Afternoon 60-00 pp From 220-00 pp
3 days River Severn - e.g. Friday Morning to Sunday Afternoon 100-00 pp From 325-00 pp
3 nights River Thames 100-00 pp From 360-00 pp
4 nights Loch Ken, Galloway 100-00 pp From 375-00 pp
5 night Scottish Journeys - e.g. Thursday Evening to Tuesday Morning 100-00 pp From 425-00 pp
School Expeditions and Training Price on application Price on application

A booking will only be confirmed when the deposit has been received.
Any booking made within 8 weeks of the booked date must be paid in full to secure the booking.
Conditions of Booking:
Deposits are not refundable. However, a deposit may with our agreement be transferred to another date.
Please note that a condition of booking is the acceptance that our liability to clients is limited to the reimbursement of any money paid directly. If it transpires that you are unable to attend after you have paid, with our agreement you may find someone else to take your place and transfer your place to them.
You will get the best value for your money for a group of 8 (or multiples of 8) booking for a day.
An example day starts for you at 1000hrs and ends at 1600hrs. Your coach will be working for 2 hours before and 2 hours after.
Half days: Half days cost the same as full days, unless two are booked for the same day; e.g. a group of 16 want to do two activities on one day and swap over, i.e. 8 in the morning and 8 in the afternoon.
Suitable for you? Canoeing is an activity that is suitable for all ages. It provides a mode of transport that is ideal for observing and enjoying nature. Canoeing uses more coordination than strength so there will be no need for you to have anything other than a reasonable level of fitness. There are many skills that will be demonstrated and used throughout an activity/journey, some of which are canoeing skills while others are related to living with nature. A key objective for an activity/journey is to see how comfortable we can be and we shall be exploring skills that contribute to this. It is not necessary for you to have any water skills prior to an activity/journey. However, it is important that you will be able to be comfortable sitting in a canoe for from a few minutes up to an hour and a half at a time, as well as be calm in the event of an involuntary swim. We avoid getting wet as it is unnecessary, but unplanned swims do happen. If you have any doubts about this, you should reconsider the appropriateness of canoeing.
What we provide:
For a group of 8 we provide:

A guide to what you need to bring: Remember it's easy to cool down, much more difficult to warm up. More advice at the time of booking will be given.

A sense of humour A spare sense of humour in case the first one gets wet. Check List
Clothing suitable for canoeing Warm outdoor clothing which dries quickly, if it gets wet. E.g. walking gear is OK. AVOID cotton.
Fleece- warm top and bottoms.
Sun hat, or warm hat and gloves.
Over trousers
A change of warm clothing

And a reasonably waterproof bag if you have wet clothes.

Footwear Some footwear is essential. Wellies are suitable, trainers/sandals also.
A medical declaration This is confidential and can be completed on the day.
Food for lunch and a warm drink. **See note below. Lunch food
Treat o'clock Something to share
Personal needs Sun block, etc.
Personal Medication e.g. inhalers
If staying overnight or journeying
Equipment Sleeping mat- essential
Sleeping bag - essential
Tents optional- If you have one bring it; we have them.

This can range from you bringing all your food to us providing all the food. **See note below.

Lunch / Snacks
Evening meal
Knife/fork/spoon/cup/plate/bowl, etc.
Personal dietary needs Please make sure you inform us about these
Please avoid bringing Valuables, documents or other items liable to damage by water

**If you have opted for us to provide food, the cost must be agreed at time of booking.

Groups and Teams

If you are considering canoeing as an activity for team building, etc., then send us a message. In common with many outdoor activities, canoeing can be used to highlight skills useful in teamwork. If you are really forward looking, why not think about a canoeing weekend or expedition in the UK, Sweden or elsewhere. Loosing track of time is just one of the benefits. It will probably cost less than many formal team building courses, be a lot more fun and more memorable.

Keeping dry and warm for as long as possible will increase the likelihood of you enjoying canoeing.

Canoeing Your instructors/coaches are BCU Level 3 Open Canoe Qualified and can also coach kayak to BCU 2 Star.

To make an enquiry or to book, please send us a message and we will reply to you.
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